Doren Robbins


New book coming in September, 2015:

Twin Extra: A Poem in Three Parts

“The poet Thomas McGrath has said that Robbins’s work is unified by both anger and love.  Other critics and reviewers have compared him with Francois Villon, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Henry Miller, and Gerald Stern, writers whose work is equally intense.  Indeed, Robbins is an ecstatic poet whose vision is uncompromised, whose poems are rich with extraordinary attention paid to the often undocumented, ordinary lives that deserve it.  His is a deeply rooted devotion, as is evident from his first collection of poems.

                    Andrea Hollander Budy

                             - Encyclopedia of Ethnic American Literature


Poet, Educator, Activist

A pantry man, broiler chef, book store clerk, and carpenter from 1967-1990, he has taught Creative Writing and  English since 1991.

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